Demolition Services

Additional Information


JunkAway specializes in both large and small demolitions in Lethbridge and the surrounding areas. Our employees are highly experienced and fully equipped to accomplish a wide variety of residential/commercial demolition services.

  • Interior, exterior, or partial demolition
  • Excavation and site grading
  • Junk removal
  • Trucking / Bin Services – rentals
  • Contaminated soil removal and back fill
  • Material recycling (where applicable)

Personalized Service

There are a wide variety of demolition jobs that change depending on the type of building/structure as well as the area surrounding the site and the distance from the disposal site. By customizing our demo services, our employees can provide you with personalized service that will cater to your every need. 

JunkAway will ensure that your needs are met and the job is completed on budget.